Solvent recovery

Activated carbon for solvent recovery: This type of activated carbon is produced from high-quality washed anthracite through a series of production processes including kneading, carbonization and activation. It is mainly used in recovery of organics, such as benzene, methylbenzene, dimethylbenzene, ether, acetone, gasoline, trichloromethane, tetrachloromethane and gasoline other organic matter. In order to satisfy market demands, our coal columnar activated carbon has the advantages of advanced pore structures and excellent acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance and easy recovery. Therefore, it provides strong absorption capacity of evaporated organic solvents in a large variety, which helps to improve the values of solvent recovery.

Item  Moisture% Ash% Hardness% Diameter mm CTC% Loading Density g/l Benzene Adsorption%
ZR-3.0 <5 <12 >95 3mm 60-90 450±30 34-50
ZR-4.0 <5 <12 >95 4mm 60-90 400±30 34-50
ZR-5.0 <5 <15 >90 5mm 60-90 350±30 34-50