Food decolorization

The specific surface area and pore size distribution vary by the types of activated carbon, and therefore their absorption capacity also differs. Liquid decolorization is one of the main applications of activated carbon. In order to meet the market needs, our wood phosphoric acid activated carbon powder provides advanced macroporous structure and strong absorption capacity, and may be extensively used in decolorization of saccharose, glucose and maltose, and may also be used in the decolorization and deodorization of oil and alcohol products. It can absorb organic contaminants, colorants and smelly compounds and inorganic matters, and may therefore be widely used in food and medicine industries.

Product Specification
Methylene Blue mg/g Caramel% Moisture % Ash % PH Loading Density g/ml Granularity(200 meshes)%
W-PO-MB9 ≥180 >80 ≤10 ≤8 3-5 0.3-0.4 ≥90
W-PO-MB8 ≥200 ≥90 ≤10 ≤7 3-5 0.3-0.4
W-PO-MB12 ≥250 >120 ≤10 ≤5 3-5 0.25-0.35