Gold Recovery

Our special activated carbon for gold recovery is produced from high-quality coconut shell charcoal, by using physical methods, such as carbonization and activation by high-temperature water vapor. Our products are featured by high abrasive resistance, quick absorbency and excellent absorption capacity. It is mainly used in gold extraction as well as the separation and purification of precious metals in the carbon-in-pulp (CIP) process. We also provide water milling on the activated carbon products, in order to increase their strength and to reduce the ash content, which helps to effectively improve the absorption capacity of metals.

Because of the characteristics of advanced pore structures, strong absorption capacity, high abrasive resistance, excellent chemical performance and regeneration rate, coconut shell activated carbon is extensively used in the purification of gold and precious metals.

The main production processes include the heap leaching process and carbon-in-pulp process to separate and extract precious metals in the metallurgical industry.

Item  Moisture% Ash% Iodine Value mg/g

Surface area


Hardness% Mesh
G-1 <8 <5 950--1100 >1000 >97 4*8/5*10/4*12
G-2 <8 <4 950--1100 >1000 >98 4*8/5*10/4*12
G-3 <8 <3 950--1100 >1000 >98 4*8/5*10/4*12