Wood Based Activated Carbon

Wood-based activated carbon is being used in a number of new applications.

It produces different performance characteristics in industrial applications typically catered to with coal or coconut products.

Wood base activated carbon has a high surface area characterized by both mesopores and micropores and has excellent decolorizing properties owing to its signature porosimetry.

· Relatively low density

· Renewable source of raw material

Products are available in the following mesh sizes (specialized particle distributions are also available on request).

Product: Wooden Powder Activated Carbon
Shape Powder
Particle size (mesh) 100/200/325
Methylene biue adsorption value(mg/g) 180-260
Iron content (ppm) <500
Caramei decolorization value(percent) 80-120
Iodine(mg/g) 600--1000
Bulk Density(g/l) 250-350
Ash(percent) <7
Moisture(percent) <10

Wood based Pellet Activated Carbon Wood based Powder Activated Carbon
Wood based Spherical Activated Carbon