Coal activated carbon

Coal based Activated Carbon products are commonly used across a large number of industries for a variety of applications.

Demand is typically high for this relatively low cost filter media for both gas and liquid applications.

Pure stocks a large variety of granular and pelletized grades (3mm, 4mm & 5mm) in addition to powder carbon. We have excellent sourcing capabilities for a number of specialized coal based activated carbons available for direct shipment in container loads to worldwide customer destinations.

Coal base activated carbon has a high surface area characterized by both mesopores and micropores.

· Consistent density

· Hard materials with minimal dust generation.

· Economical

Product: Columnar activated carbon
Coal Activated Carbon
Product: Columnar Activated Carbon
Iodine(MG/G): 500--1100
CTC(Percent): 25--90
Benzene Absorption(Percent): 17--50
Bet surface Area(M2/G): 500—1100
Ash(Percent): <15
Hardness(Percent): 90—95
Bulk Density(G/L): 350—650
Moisture(Percent): <5
Floating(Percent): <5
Diameter(MM): 1.5mm/2mm/3mm/4mm

Product: Granular Activated Carbon
Iodine(MG/G): 600--1000
Size(MESH): 8*30/12*30/10*20/10*40
Bet surface Area(M2/G): 600—1050
Ash(Percent): <15
Hardness(Percent): 90—95
Bulk Density(G/L): 400—600
Moisture(Percent) <5
Floating(Percent): <5

Product Powder Acitvated Carbon
Shape Powder
Particle size (mesh) 100/200/325
Iodine(mg/g) 500--1050
Bulk Density(g/l) 450-550
Ash(Percent) ≤15
Moisture(Percent) ≤5

Product: Spherical Activated Carbon
Iodine(MG/G): 800--1050
CTC(Percent) 30--90
Benzene Absorption(Percent) 17--50
Bet surface Area(M2/G): 800—1050
Ash(Percent): <15
Hardness(Percent): >90
Bulk Density(G/L): 350—550
Moisture(Percent) <5
Diameter(MM): 1-2mm/2-4mm/3-6mm

Pellet Granular Powder Spherical